Guide: The first 90 days of onboarding new product managers

Putting effort into onboarding ensures that your product manager will continue with you down the river.

Key takeaways for managers:

  • For managers, it’s crucial to put in time into building an onboarding plan for your direct reports. It sounds simple however, I have seen many situations where the onboarding template is simply copied and pasted or where there wasn’t an onboarding plan.
  • For IC product managers, if you haven’t received an onboarding template, build your own onboarding plan and seek feedback from your manager. Your proactiveness will be noted by your manager and this will impress them
  • Onboarding starts even before the product manager has officially joined the company. With everything moving remotely, building context, relationships, and an understanding of how things work take that much longer. Start onboarding before they’ve joined the team.
  • Ultimately, the onboarding plan should be owned by the product manager who is starting. Create and build the onboarding plan, but let them be the owner of the document and add to it before they execute on it.



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